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Comprehensive Reading Assessments

Syllabus: Click Here

Catalog Description This course will teach participants to employ multiple measures for assessing reading difficulties in students and write an evaluation report analyzing the results. Participants will explore the Cognitive Processes in Learning to Read. Special attention will be paid to Dyslexia Definitions and Implications. The Components of a Comprehensive Reading Assessments will be examined. Participants will analyze Case Studies and learn to Write an Evaluation Report, including specific Interventions and Recommendations in response to student outcomes.

Literacy in Mathematics

Syllabus: Click Here

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Reading and writing in mathematics are of particular interest to educators because these processes are essential to both problem solving and concept development in mathematics. This course will expose participants to various strategies for incorporating literacy into math lessons in order to meet Common Core State Standards and accelerate student success in grades K through 8. Strategies for teaching literacy in math will be explored through the topics of vocabulary, speaking and listening skills in math, using literary and expository texts in math, mathematical reading comprehension, assessments, and writing about math. 

Promoting Positive School Culture in the Classroom

Syllabus: Click Here

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to provide educators with an overview of the essentials required in a positive school and classroom culture. Participants will learn the components of positive school and classroom communities. The components of bridging the home school connection will be covered as well as community involvement in schools. Topics covered will include zero tolerance, bullying, creating a supportive school, service learning, teaching social responsibility, connecting with diverse families, and more.

Managing Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom

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CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course introduces educators to strategies for managing challenging student behavior. The study of teaching and curriculum and classroom design are studied as factors affecting student behavior. Participants will learn to de-escalate challenging students. Presentations, discussions, case studies, role plays, and explicit teaching of de-escalation and restraint techniques will enrich participants’ experience.