The Learning Tree Professional Development Network 

is an online provider of graduate courses for school professionals

created by teachers for teachers!

The Learning Tree PDN Course Options: 


Option 1:  67.5 Massachusetts' Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 

Professional Development Points

Option 2:  Three (3) Endicott College Graduate Credits

All of our courses are delivered in a convenient, online format, leaving time for educators to focus on critical matters in curriculum, instruction, and other initiatives that support students.


There are NO hidden fees!  

All course readings are provided to course participants at no extra cost.

The Learning Tree Professional Development Network provides high-quality, online graduate-level courses and resources for K-12 educators and administrators with the goal of improving educator instruction and student outcomes!


The Learning Tree delivers relevant courses for teachers that are applicable to daily classroom life!  Courses provide research-based strategies and resources that teachers are able to apply immediately for successful classroom instruction and student management.  The most recent and best pedagogical practices are modeled and taught by instructors with REAL classroom experience and an understanding of the increasing demands placed upon teachers.


By increasing educators' understanding of best practices, The Learning Tree's course offerings enable educators to facilitate the achievement of students by acquiring and applying knowledge, skills, and strategies that address relevant student needs, improve instruction, and increase classroom management skills as well as assist in meeting educator expectations for licensure.


The Learning Tree is in partnership with Endicott College for graduate credit courses and is a Massachusetts' Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approved provider of professional development points.


Participants take part in six week courses for either 3 Endicott College Graduate Credits or 67.5 Massachusetts' D.E.S.E. Professional Development Points.  Courses and instructors have been pre-approved by partnering institutes.


Educator quality is the most critical measure of student success. Thus, it is imperative that educators receive ample opportunities to continually learn and grow.  

Continuous Growth

The Learning Tree delivers online, professional development courses on topics in education to support the continual learning and development of K-12 educators and administrators.  Course topics promote effective learning opportunities and improve instruction and student management while focusing on job-embedded skills of essential content and pedagogy applicable to educator practice.  On-going supports and collaboration will advance educators’ ability to apply learning from course content.


Educators will find convenient, online 6 week courses, allowing more time to focus on critical matters in curriculum, instruction, and other initiatives that support students while being able to meet professional responsibilities and have the added bonus of increasing student achievement.

Continuous Improvement

The Learning Tree models and implements continuous improvement for evolution as a company.  Each course has a final assignment as an assessment of learning for course participants to complete, enabling learners to independently assess mastery of course criteria.  The summative assessment is aligned with both the content and learning objectives of course topics.


The Learning Tree employs analysis of data obtained from the continual evaluation of the effectiveness of courses, current research in education, and state and federal priorities to choose course topics which drive educator goals and practice as well as student achievement.  Our courses lead to changes in educator skills, knowledge, and disposition.

High-Quality, Relevant Curriculum

The Learning Tree’s research-based, data-driven course curriculum and resources, targeting relevant topics in education, will prepare educators to address state, district, school, and individual goals in order to increase student achievement in content and  self-regulation skills.  


Course content is responsive to the changing demands in education.  Curriculum is designed on continual evaluation of content through market research and analysis of student achievement data relevant to educators.  Curriculum is aligned with educator performance standards, individual professional growth goals, and state and federal improvement priorities, making learning engaging and meaningful for course participants.

Best Practices in Instruction and Student Management

The Learning Tree employs highly-qualified instructors to model best practices to improve educator effectiveness and student outcomes in instruction and student management.  Course topics address the most recent best pedagogical practices to improve content instruction and student management for achievement, using 21st century tools and skills.


High quality course curriculum is delivered through instruction modeling best practices in lesson planning.  Courses establish clear goals and objectives relevant to student achievement and differentiate learning by offering multiple modalities and collaboration meeting the needs of all learners.