Course Assignments

(Topic Quizzes - Course Reflections - Final Assignment - Course Discussion Board)

Participants taking this course for Graduate Credit are required to complete all course assignments.


Participants taking this course for PDPs are required to complete ONE discussion board post, ONE written response, and a modified (to a lesser degree) final assignment in order to earn a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approved certificate.


Participants taking this course for CEUs are required to complete ONE discussion board post and ONE written response assignment. 

Topic Quizzes

Quizzes are assigned on Weeks Two and Four.  Quizzes check participants’ understanding of the course topics.  These will be multiple choice in format.  Quizzes will include an assessment of newly presented information from the current week’s topic and previously learned content from previous weeks’ topics.

Course Reflections

Participants will be provided with required readings.  After reading the assigned articles, participants will be asked to respond to a given related prompt.  Participants should write a three to five page response to the given prompt.


Facilitating PEACE in the Classroom Prompt:  How can Social Emotional Learning impact student learning? 

Reflection Assignment & Rubric

Facilitating PEACE in the Classroom Cour
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Required Reading for Reflections

FP Required Reading Group Dynamics and I
Adobe Acrobat Document 164.4 KB
FP Required Reading Nurturing Nature.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 532.8 KB
FP Required Reading The Brain Basis for
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Final Assignment

Here you will find your final assignment and any corresponding materials.  Please note which final assignment you are required to complete based upon your participant role.


For example, if you are taking this course for PDPs, please choose the final assignment for PDP participants.

Lesson Plan Template

FPC Final Assignment PEACE Lesson Plan T
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Final Assignment & Rubric (Graduate Credit)


Facilitating PEACE in the Classroom Fina
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Final Assignment & Rubric (PDP)

PDP Option of Facilitating PEACE in the
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Course Discussion Board

Our Course Discussion Board serves as a vehicle for the face-to-face discussions in a traditional class.  It is an important part of the online learning experience and should be maximized by all participants.


Participants are required to post to the Course Discussion Board at least 2 times before the end of the course.  Course Discussion Board posts should be meaningful and reflective of course content.

Course DB Assignment & Rubric

Course Discussion Board Posts Assignment
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Discussion Board

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